General Meeting of Visegrad University Association 2017 took place at Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (RSAU-MTAA), Russia on September 13-15.

The meeting was attended by more than 40 representatives of 20 VUA member universities coming from 10 countries.
General Meeting was opened by  Dr. Galina Zolina, Rector of RSAU-MTAA and VUA President, Prof. Peter Bielik. President Bielik evaluated the association activities and introduced the plans of Visegrad University Association for the upcoming period. General Meeting approved the VUA Annual Report as well the Proposal of activities for  2018. During 2017,  new universities applied for VUA membership. Three of them were approved by the General Meeting and we  would like to congratulate and welcome them to our association:

Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary
University of Debrecen, Hungary

Kyiv Cooperative Institute of Business and Law, Ukraine

Traditionally, VUA AWARD OF EXCELLENCE was awarded to the most active member university based on the results of the election of the General Meeting. The award went to Louisiana State University, USA  as the appreciation of active participation in VUA activities. The award was presented by Prof. Peter Bielik and Dr. Galina Zolina to Prof. John Russin.

Presentations of invited speakers provided the GM participants with valuable information on selected topics. Head of Department of Agroeconomics of the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov Prof. Sergei Kiselev focused his speech on the impact of the climate change and food embargo on agricultural development in Russia and Europe. He pointed out possibilities to ensure Russia's food security in climate change conditions up to 2050.

Security expert Alexander Golikov talked about potential risks of GMO production. He stressed that the issue of increasing safety is directly linked to rapidly evolving technologies.

Sergei Groshev, Head of agribusiness projects at Singenta, focused on issues of mutual partnership between the state and  private sector in agricultural education. He talked about the experience of training agricultural experts in agrotechnology and suggested creating a community that would help to create similar training centers.

VUA Presidency would like to thank Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy for a perfect organization of the event and all the participants of the General Meeting for their fruitful contribution.


The LSU-VUA-SUA Symposium brought new ideas

Programme of the Symposium Agricultural Universities in the 21st Century: Importance of Technology and Information Transfer for Program Sustainability organized at Louisiana State University on April 2-8 brought new ideas and opportunities for cooperation of VUA members and other symposium participants.

VUA Presidency would like to thank the organizers as well as all VUA members and other participants who decided to join the event providing opportunities for  a greater interaction and efficiency of academic and research activities, for raising the profile of VUA members and strengthening the international cohesion of Central Europe as well as other regions and countries, enabling relations to third countries, other regional groupings and international organizations.

During the symposium a series of presentations was given. You can view or download them here: Visegrad Rectors Symposium - Recording links


LSU-VUA-SUA Symposium Opens New Horizons

On April 2-8, a symposium titled: Agricultural Universities in the 21st Century: Importance of Technology and Information Transfer for Program Sustainability is organized at Louisiana State University, USA. More than 20 rectors, vice rectors, deans, heads of departments, scientists and experts are participating in the event that is concentrating on the debates on information and technology transfer as well as other topics related to agriculture, life sciences and sustainable development. Participants from all V4 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland) as well as Honduras, Russia and the USA will have a chance to present their ideas and share the views with their colleagues. The Symposium program carefully prepared by the LSU AgCenter  includes:

  • Lessons Learned from Land Grant University System in the United States
  • Strategies for Technology and Information Transfer
  • Alumni and Donor Relation
  • University Marketing and Branding
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Role of Sponsored Research
  • Entrepreneurism, Food Company Incubator, and Spin-Off Initiatives
  • Role of Genetic Modification of Crops in Global Agriculture
  • Examples of Strategic Information Transfer at LSU AgCenter

We are glad that the Symposium organized by the LSU AgCenter, Visegrad University Association and the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra  attended by top experts and university representatives  opens a new chapter in our cooperation and creates conditions for an open dialogue between the VUA members.

We believe that the symposium will generate new ideas and motivate our colleagues from VUA partner universities to fruitful future cooperation.

VUA Presidency would like to thank the LSU AgCenter for all their hard work and efforts organizing the symposium.


Call for paper on “Circular Economic special edition” VUA issue

The concept of circular economy boomed into the sight of European Union policy makers in the beginning of 2015. The notion introduced a holistic system planning approach for EU development initiatives. There has never been a similar novelty presented by any other perspectives before. It offers a cross-sectoral development path to replace the widely criticized linear practices with production systems based on closed material loops. The popularity of this concept and the expectations towards its long-term success are both unprecedented in the field of EU policies which highlights the importance of its application. The essence of the circular economy model lies in an industrial/service system focusing on material cycles over the traditional “end-of-life” (EoF) approach. Furthermore, it stimulates the increasing use of renewable energies and aims to eliminate waste through innovative design of materials, products, production systems and business models. An important aspect of the circular perception is that it relies on bio-economic and low-carbon principles to describe biological and technological cycles. Finally, it emphasizes the significance of the elaboration on the scientific context.

Prospective authors are welcome to discuss their ideas with the Editors of the thematic issue:
Managing editor - prof. Dr. Ing. Elena Horská (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia)

Editor of thematic issue – Csaba Fogarassy PhD head of department, Szent István University Climate Change Economics Centre, Gödöllő, Hungary

Guidelines for authors can be downloaded from the journal’s website!

Deadline of submissions: 28th of February, 2017

Please send the manuscripts to Dr. Csaba Fogarassy ( )

LSU Symposium - AgUniversity leaders - April 2-April 8



„Future scientists for sustainable development” 3rd VUA YOUTH scientific conference

On 23 November 2016, Visegrad University Association and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Szent István University organized the 3rd international scientific conference for students in Gödöllő, Hungary.

In 2014, the representatives of the VUA partner universities decided to provide a forum to the young scientists to introduce their research results and deepen the professional relationship among the students of partner universities.

This event took place along with the student scientific conference organized for Hungarian students. More than 100 students could present their work in 11 Hungarian and 3 international sessions. In the VUA YOUTH sessions, 31 research papers have been submitted by nearly 40 students from 19 countries (not only from VUA members): Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya,Serbia, India, Armenia, Laos, Burundi, China, Kosovo, Algeria, Uganda, Madagascar, Romania and Syria. Over 50 people attended the VUA YOUTH sessions and the total number of attendees was over 250.



Session of BSc-MSc students:

1st prize: Kennedy Mutua

2nd prize: Favour Ugomma Opara

3rd prize: Nol Krasniqi


Session of MSc students:

1st prize: Daniel Ayisi Nyarko

2nd prize: Gregory Obozuwa – Chandalin Vongvilay

3rd prize: Vao Fenotiana Razamahandry


Session of PhD students:

1st prize: Ravindra Hewa Kuruppuge – Aled Gregar

2nd prize: Michaela Sugrova – Peter Sedik – Veronika Svetlikova

3rd prize: Musaab Mousa


Special awards were handed out for excellent presentations offered by the PhD School of Management and Business Administration of SZIU to the participants listed below:

  • Ambuj Sharma
  • Mariam Hamida

Congratulations to the organizers for the successful conference and to all the participants for the high quality presentations!


Successful Summer School organized by VUA

The International Summer School organized by Visegrad University Association  titled  FOOD SCIENCE AND BUSINESS STUDIES: Traditions meet novelties was organized in the period of 27.6. – 9.7. 2016 by the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and Szent István University Godollo.

During the two weeks of the programme, the summer school participants had been offered high standard lectures provided by  an international team of experts. Furthermore, visits of top research institutions in Slovakia and Hungary were organized. Presentations of project assigned of the students took place on July 8. The Visegrad Prize for the best presentation was awarded to Mr. Obozuwa Omokheka from Szent István University. Sightseeing of Nitra, Budapest and Vienna was a great chance to present the central European region to the Summer School participants.

We are glad that 30 students and teachers coming from China, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Iran, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia participated in this year´s VUA Summer School.

VUA presidency would like to thank all the students, teachers and organizers for their hard work and efforts.


Visegrad University Association co-organized International Scientific Days at SUA

The International Scientific Days 2016 Conference held at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra took place in the spirit of “The Agri-Food Value: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society“. The Conference was organized by the Faculty of Economics and management in cooperation with the SUA, Visegrad  University Association, Agricultural Experts Club and Slovak Agricultural Economists Association, EUNIS Slovakia a Junior Chamber International.

The rich programme of the Conference offered space for working in fourteen sections that focused on issues from food safety, trade and agricultural policy through financial aspects, information a communication technologies to market survey and marketing. Young scientists were also provided individual space in a separate section. The Conference was attended by more than 270 participants from 23 countries (Indonesia, Russian Federation, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Mongolia, USA, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other).

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