VUA Membership

We are happy you decided to join the Visegrad University Association. Before you proceed with your application, please read the below information carefully.

According to the VUA Charter, full members may be universities of the countries referred to the Association which are recognized or financed by the state of origin or faculties with approval of University (where the Faculty is a legal entity).

In order for a University to be admitted, as a full member, an application must be filed to the Executive Committee of the Association. The application must state the address, the telephone number of the new member, the particulars of the representative and his alternate as well as a declaration that the provisions of these articles of association have been accepted. Together with the application, documentation is provided attesting the capacity of the new member as an institution of higher education of the area and the academic status of its representative. The registration fee is paid simultaneously with the submission of the application. Details of payment procedure will be communicated with the VUA secretariat. A Letter of Reference from the National Rector´s Conference, its equivalent or a current VUA member is taken as an advantage when considering the application.


The Executive Committee decides by unanimous vote of all members present whether a candidate member is to be registered at the first regular or extraordinary general meeting, which must also agree unanimously on the proposal. A valid decision on the matter concerned can be taken by the Executive Committee and the General Meeting when a quorum of at least 3/4 of all members are present.


The membership of Russian universities is temporarily suspended. Please see the complete list of VUA members below

VUA Application form

Dr.h.c. Prof. Ing. Peter Bielik, PhD.
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Prof. Dr. Ing. Elena Horská
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Mgr. Vladislav Valach
tel: +421376415545

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