Use of wastes of the livestock industry as a possibility for increasing the efficiency of aic and replenishing the energy balance

Inna Honcharuk

There are several reasons for the economic and social necessity in forming and developing the biofuels market of Ukraine, starting with energy security considerations, diversification of national production, support of innovations and ending with economic and social efficiency of biofuels market development on the basis of high motivation for the agrarian sector growth, positive social bias towards rural population growth and environmental security through renewable energy. The immediate prospect of energy autonomy for agro-industrial production should be based on efficient production and use of biomass. At present, biomass is the fourth largest fuel in the world, producing about 2 billion tonnes of conventional fuels per year, which is about 14% of the world’s total primary energy consumption. In some countries, this figure is even higher, but in Ukraine it still does not exceed 3%. This will help Ukraine reduce its dependence on energy imports, halt its transformation into a raw material appendage, and enable processing of such a large-scale resource while obtaining hundreds of thousands of jobs, income for the citizens and for the state budget. At this stage of state development, biofuel production is one of the determining catalysts for new global trends in Ukraine’s agro-industrial complex that will contribute to its sustainable development.

alternative energy resources; energy balance; food security; agriculture; biogas; livestock

Inna Honcharuk, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Department of Economics, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Activities, 3 Sonyachna str, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 21008, е-mail:

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