Measuring the size of the dutch bio-economy

Wim Heijman, Thijs Schepman


This paper estimates the size of the Dutch Bio-Economy, based on its value added. Using consolidated input-output tables, the size of the Dutch Bio-Economy is estimated for the period 2008–2015 and future predictions are made for the period 2016–2020. During the period 2008–2015, the Dutch Bio-Economy has grown from 5.5% of the total Dutch value added in 2008 up to 6.6% in 2015. For future prediction, five scenarios are analysed, with projected growth of the Bio-Economy ranging from 6.87% of total value added on the low end to 8.48% on the high end in 2020.

bio-economy; input output table; scenario’s

Wim Heijman, Wageningen University & Research, Department of Social Sciences, Agricultural Economics and Policy Group, Netherlands, e-mail:

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