Trends in the quality of life of the v4 countries in the field of material living conditions

Elena Hošková, Iveta Zentková, Tatiana Svetlanská


Consumption and increasing level of living conditions are the main characteristics of society nowadays. Quality of life is necessarily related to living conditions of population, therefore form a basis of sustainable development. The aim of the article is to determine the economic conditions of the population in Visegrad countries (V4) based on the economic indicators of quality of life. The main data source is Eurostat for the period 2005–2017. In the paper is stated and analyzed development of eight indicators of quality of life in the field of material living conditions. They are divided into three groups: indicators on income, consumption and indicators related to the living conditions of the V4 population. The results of the analysis showed that residents of the Czech Republic have the highest quality of life, followed by Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Position of the Czech Republic and Slovakia among the V4 countries is relatively stable over the reported period. The most significant positive change in several indicators of quality of life was recorded in case of Poland. As for the individual indicators, it was proved in case of Hungary, they had dramatic development without the statistical attributability of their development trend.

quality of life indicators; risk of poverty; material deprivation; median equvalised net income

Elena Hošková, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Economics and Management, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovak Republic, e-mail:

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