Representative primary research about renewable energy investments in case of the local governments located in the micro-region of gyöngyös

András Szeberényi


Nowadays, in our current world more and more people are dealing with the usage of the fossil energy that are only available in a limited amount. According to the current situation the usage of the fossil energy is considered as a worldwide issue, for instance, while the amount of the mined (extracted) oil is decreasing, the amount of the new cars are increasing exponentially which also raising the environmental impact, strenghten the greenhouse- and the global warming effect, and these all include more and more inherent risks and unsolved problems. One of the most efficient solutions is to change the attitude of young people toward environmentally friendly lifestyle. The local governments have the other decisive role which takes a huge part of the population’s education regarding the environmental awareness because they show the direction by their own example how they can do more to protect their environment. Near Mátra – which is the largest mountain in Hungary – can be found the micro-region of Gyöngyös and it’s one of the main characteristics are the extremely clear air, dense forest and the presence of the rich fauna. Thanks to these peculiarity the micro-region is an ideal place for this research. The aim of the research was to create a representative investigation by the help of all the governments in the micro-region of Gyöngyös which provide a comprehensive image about the level of use of renewable energy at the local governments, about their environmentally conscious attitude and their action plans how to enhance this approach by projects, tenders, social media or any other way.

Environmental awareness; environmentally friendly behaviour; renewable energy; social media; local government


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