Rectors Symposium and its achievements

LSU AgCenter Global Network in tandem with Visegrad University Association and V4 support represented by Hungarian Embassy to the US recently held the second Rectors’ Symposium 2018 designed to examine case studies of diversifying revenue and private sector support for institutions of higher agricultural education.  

The Symposium was held April 16 through the 20th, marking the second year of the Rectors Symposium. The design of this year’s Symposium first took place in Louisiana State University Agricultural Center in Baton Rouge, LA and finalized with The Hungarian Embassy to the United States in Washington D.C. The purpose of this year’s Symposium was to crate an intensive educational program with private sector collaborators (Bracy’s Nursery, A.Wilbert’s Sons, LLC) which emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships in the production of sugar cane, timber products and ornamental horticulture. Second part of the Symposium, organize by The Hungarian Embassy to the United States in Washington D.C provided activities and presentations that highlighted the global impact of these partnerships.

The Rectors Symposium provided many positive results for all 24 participants. Among the many results, five new Memoranda of Understanding between various universities and institutions were executed. EURAXESS representative Viktoria Bodnarova provided comprehensive information about potential funding sources, Director of Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, Bela Kocsy provided overview of opportunities to connect with private sector, and the Czech Agriculture and Commercial Attaches in the US Peter Jezek and Ludek Moravec outlined environment for university – private sector cooperation and needs.

During the second part of the Symposium, H.E. Laszlo Szabo, Hungarian Ambassador to the US welcomed and hosted the group, thus, providing multiple networking opportunities and chances to identify next steps in future collaboration.

Louisiana State University Agricultural Center welcomed the opportunity to host this wonderful Trans-Atlantic event! 

VUA Presidency would like to thank the organizers for all their hard work and efforts.

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