4th VUA YOUTH international scientific conference has been organized at SZIE

Continuing the successful series of VUA YOUTH conferences of the past few years, this year 56 students in 3 sessions had the opportunity to present their research results during VUA YOUTH on 22 November 2017 in Gödöllő at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Szent István University. VUA, since its establishment, has considered the support of students and young researchers as a key priority. Due to the active participation and contribution of VUA members and the host faculty, students from 23 countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, South-Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China, Poland, Mexico, Myanmar, Moldavia, Nigeria, Russia, Palestine, Serbia, Syria, Slovakia, Somalia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA) shared their research results with the members of the committees and the audience that created excellent environment to learn more about those countries and to deepen the professional cooperation.


Students were awarded in the 3 sessions as follows:


  1. „Agriculture and sustainability” session

1st prize: Milan Doleš (Slovakia)

2nd prize: Thabang Rainett Teffo (South-Africa)

3rd prize: Mykola Dereva (Ukraine)


Special awards were given to:

Wai Yang Aung (Myanmar) and Abdul Walid Salik (Afghanistan)

Abdulkadir Kasim Farah (Somalia)


  1. „Business, economics and sustainability” session

1st prize: Aykhan Samadov (Azerbaijan)

2nd prize: Abdelkarim Walid Taha Alhloul (Jordan)

3rd prize: Jaroslava Kostolníková (Slovakia)


Special awards offered by the two doctoral schools of the faculty were received by:

Melissa Magdaly (Mexico)

Feifei Kong (China)


  1. „Global sustainability issues” session

1st prize: Kristína Predanocyová (Slovakia)

2nd prize: Maral Jamalova (Russia)

3rd prize: Musaab Mousa (Syria)


Special awards offered by the two doctoral schools of the faculty were received by:

Somaya Aboelnaga (Egypt) for the most solid professional knowledge

Mohammed Abdalrahman (Palestine) for the best presentation



VUA Presidency would like to thank the organizers for all their hard work and efforts!



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