VUA GENERAL MEETING 2016, St. Istvan University Godollo, 18-20.09.2016, Hungary

How to get there



Liszt Ferenc International Airport ( is situated approx. 35 kms- from Gödöllő. From the airport, you can get to the campus on highway by taxi.


If you travel by train to Gödöllő, you should get off at the station called GÖDÖLLŐ. It is the main station. There is another station in Gödöllő-Máriabesnyő, but it is the other end of the city, so it takes at least half an hour to get to the university on foot. If you get off the train, you should walk ont he pedestrain bridge over the rails and you will see the main building of the university. So it is quite easy to get to the campus from the railway station.

Please check the train schedule on this website:


There is a suburban train running between Budapest Őrs vezér tér (Őrs vezér square) and Gödöllő. It is called HÉV. It is a green colored train which can take you to Gödöllő from Budapest. The last stop is in Gödöllő, at the railway station, so you cannot miss it. From the last stop, you can take the pedestrain bridge over the railways and you will see the university. It runs every half an hour.


If you travel by taxi, it is advisable to book a taxi by e-mail before you arrive. There is a taxi driver contracted with the unviersity who can take you to your destination. His name is: Mr. Károly Hódi ( If you contact him before you arrive in Hungary, please refer to the name of the event VUA or the name of Dr. Henrietta Nagy (one of the organizers). Or you can find a taxi at the airport on arrival.

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