The impact of Technology Evaluation Programme on agricultural productivity in Armenia

Davit Alaverdyan, Henrietta Nagy, Ira Panosyan, Olagunju Kehinde


The importance of innovative technologies in bringing about sustainable development in agriculture cannot be overemphasized in today’s world. Concerted efforts have been made by international organizations, ministries of agriculture and extension agents to ensure that farmers have  access to these new technologies. Therefore, this study examined the role of technology as a guarantee of sustainable agricultural development in Armenia. The aim of this paper is to find out in what ways this specific technological program in Armenia could contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture and how the innovations applied in agriculture could improve the quality of products and improve the efficiency of production. Various technology programmes from 2001–2013 were critically examined using narratives based on the data obtained from the Agricultural Support Republican Centre. It has been found out that majority of farmers that participated in the Technology Evaluation Programme had increased productivity, had less post-harvest loss, produced high quality and safe output, and increased income accompanied by better welfare. However, new laws and regulations for shared roles and responsibilities of involved institutions are recommended. Farmers from isolated areas should also be engaged within the scope of the project, and promotion of nationwide awareness of the program should also be carried out to the end users.
innovative technologies, sustainable agriculture, Armenia, adoption and productivity


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