The Utilization of Rapeseed for Biofuels Production in the EU

Iveta Zentková, Eva Cvengrošová


Biofuels production has risen rapidly in the past decade. Growing tendency can be expected in the future if national governments will continue in achievement of higher share of ‘green energy’. Diversification and self-sufficiency in energy and environmental aspects should underpin national and international policy. Consumption of biofuels in the transport sector has been significantly increasing since 2000. Biofuels produced in the EU are mostly first-generation biofuels, mainly produced from agricultural raw materials. The aim of the article is utilization assessment of the main agriculture crop used in biofuels production in the EU, which is rapeseed. For achievement of the research objective have been used analysis methods, basic statistical indices, the share of rapeseed production used in industrial purposes estimation and self – sufficiency index. The results of the research confirm authors’ expectations concerning shifting of agricultural production primarily intended for food and feed production to industrial purposes due to continually growing demand for biofuels.

biofuels, biodiesel, rapeseed, self-sufficiency

doc. Ing. Iveta Zentková, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, SUA in Nitra, e-mail:

CSc., Ing. Eva Cvengrošová, PhD., Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, SUA in Nitra, e-mail:

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