Prospects of Pigs Production in Poland in the Context of Sustainable Development

Elżbieta Szymańska


The research was aimed at defining the perspective of the production of porkers in Poland in the context of sustainable development. The
analysis was based on data from 100 farms specialising in the production of porkers located in different parts of the country. The research
included the stocking density of pigs per 100 ha UAA, the level of investment in the farms and benefiting from agri-environment payments. The
first coefficient informs about the amount of natural fertilizers on the utilized agricultural area, the second one shows the costs paid by farms to
increase the productive capital and the third one marks taking measures to protect natural environment. In the data analysis descriptive statistics
and correlation analysis have been used. The studies indicate that the process of pig breeding concentration is progressing. The number of pig
farms drops but at the same time an average scale of production is growing. Farms with a large scale and intensive production negatively affect
natural environment to a bigger extent. In order to enhance further farm development some farmers pursue investments in building, machine
or buying land. Farms with a smaller scale of production take more actions to protect the environment.


durable development, pig farms, investments

Elżbieta Szymańska Ph.D., Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Department of Economics and Organization of Enterprises, Nowoursynowska 166 ST, 02–787 Warsaw, Poland, tel. 4822/593 42 27 fax. 4822/593 42 29, e-mail:

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