Employee as a subject of sustainable management

Katarzyna Zadros


In modern companies, an employee is perceived as a particularly valuable asset whose importance increases as the company enters the path of sustainable development. This situation means that a new role is assigned to the employee, he becomes an element of human capital, or the intellectual capital of the organization; he is a stakeholder. What does this actually mean for companies and how can this situation be assessed from the employee‘s perspective? Does the concept of sustainable development influence changes in human resources management, and if so, in which areas are these changes visible in particular? Searching for the answers to these questions will be the goal of the article presented below.

sustainable development, management, corporate social responsibility, employee

Katarzyna Zadros Ph.D., Częstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Management; phone: (48) 34 32 50 422 al. Armii Krajowej 36b 42-201 Częstochowa, Poland, e-mail: katarzyna.zadros@wz.pcz.pl

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