Agricultural and Food Production in Hungary: on the Road to Sustainability

Csaba Szűcs, Gábor Vanó, Ferenc Korsós-Schlesser


In the last 25 years Hungarian agriculture has lost its position. Rapid growth in the world’s population requires an increase in food production since
one seventh of the population is still starving. The development of agricultural production and the food industry is the basis for the development
of rural areas. Hungary produces two per cent of the EU agricultural output, which is far behind its potential. Agriculture, food industry and
food trade can only develop together. We need to find the most favourable forms of coexistence with multinational chains sustainably. Food
industry is a critical point in the product line, it lags behind the performance of European countries, and resources are insufficient. Long-term
co-operation between farmers and processors is inadequate; the common organizations of the markets are minimal. Today, sustainability is
increasingly emphasized, environmental and nature protection has been appreciated. The agriculture and forestry sectors are not only suitable
for production of food and other raw materials, but they can also replenish resources and have a beneficial effect on biodiversity as well. Today’s
problems can only be solved by taking sustainability into consideration. Agri-food industry that complies with the requirements can play a major
role in rural employment and value creation.

agribusiness, food industry, employment, sustainability, organic farming

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