Success factors of sustainable social enterprises through circular economy perspective

Dumitru Stratan


The scope of the research is to find out how social entrepreneurship operations can be modelled within existing business methods using
circular economy principles. A literature review was undertaken in order to clarify and find out different opinions regarding circularity and social
businesses models. Moreover, the author interviewed managers of different social mission organizations in order to find out the critical factors
that determine the sustainability and performances of the organizations. Using the results of the field and desk research, the author suggests
the following business model elements to be considered by social enterprises aiming to implement circular economy principles: Desired
social and environment vision; Value proposition; Alignment of organizations to the strategy and acceleration of change through executive
leadership implication; Financial sustainable perspective: a) to increase financial resources and b) to manage costs; Stakeholders perspective:
a) customers segments, b) users, c) employees, d) community beneficiaries, e) channels, f) customer relationships, g) Key partnerships; Internal
process perspective: a) processes necessary to use circular economy principles; b) impact measurement and key activities; c) internal and external
communication; Resources perspective: a) networks; b) skills on circular principles and social impact; c) information and technologies.

social entrepreneurship, circular economy, business model, sustainability

Dumitru Stratan, PhD student, Szent István University, H-2100 Gödöllő, Páter Károly utca 1, Hungary Tel.: 003 73 69 44 86 64, e-mail:

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