Sustainable Wine and Grape Production, the Example of Hungary

Edit Ilona Pallás


Before analysing the economic situation of winegrape production, it is practical to mention some issues concerning the industry. Grape
production in Hungary suffered a severe crisis in the 1990’s regarding both production and sales. Its consequence is the decreasing area of
grape production and the reducing number of grape producers. Lately, after our EU accession the grape and wine verticum has significantly
improved. The situation is still grave today as the producers have to face the more and more intense competition in the market and cheap import
products both on the national and international markets. Grape production is in a more disadvantaged situation than wine making and the risks
are higher. We have to know the cost-profit situation of the well-discernible verticum parts to make recommendations. Despite the changes, the
great fluctuation in income is typical for the industry. Grape is one of the plants where price often did not cover costs in the consecutive years.
Costs of production cannot be assessed on their own. They can be judged in relation with the yield changes in real.

sustainability, wine and grape production, cost of wine grape, selling price of wine

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