Innovation And Economic Growth: The Case Of Slovakia

Kushtrim Braha, Artan Qineti, Roman Serenčéš


The role of innovation in the economic growth is becoming a crucial aspect of the future economic development. Building of the innovativedriven
economy requires establishment of supportive macroeconomic environment. It involves interplay among three main factors of innovation:
education system, entrepreneurship and governmental institutions. Establishment of the integrated national innovation system is a key priority
that assures sustainable economic growth. Slovakia is mobilizing its resources in order to shift its economic growth from efficiency-driven to
innovation-driven economic growth. The inflow of the foreign investments and attractive entrepreneurial environment are identified as the
main resources of economic growth during the observed period. Additional input in accelerating economic growth brought the accession of the
country into the EU. On the other hand, R & D activities remain weakly supported by the public and private funding. As the result, productivity
of the Slovak innovators remains low as well. Over the last decade, only 70 patents annually were granted to the Slovak innovators. Despite the
significant improvement of the innovative environment, there is a low share of enterprises applying innovation in their business activities.

innovation, economic growth, FDI, RD, entrepreneurship

Ing. Kushtrim Braha, MBA, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of Economics and Management, Department of Economics, Trieda A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovak Republic, e-mail:

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