Methodical Approach To Determine The Influence Of Economic Activity In The Region On The State Of The Territorial Environment Of The Territory

Olena Berezina, Maksim Petrovskiy


The goal of this research work is the formation of methodological approach of ecological factor assessment impact on the development level
of territorial economic systems. This article presents the quality indicators of the development of socio-economic areas, which reflect total
level and the extent of human impact on the natural environment characterizing the level of economy influence (economic activities) on the
environment. This article suggests the approach to the calculation of Eco-intensity indicator and general air pollution dynamics in Ukraine,
regarding regions, type of economic activities/industries. The research studies the comparative evaluation and the characteristics of the
ecological status of the territories. It was determined that for the period from 2005 till 2012 the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere
from stationary and mobile pollution sources are being gradually reduced due to the decreasing level of production enterprises, which were
the main polluters of the atmosphere. According to the types of economic activity, the measurements of Eco-intensity emissions of pollutants
and carbon dioxide indicated that the biggest indices were in energy distribution, mining and processing industries.

ecological factor, natural environment, socio-economic development

Olena Berezina, Ph. D. (Economics), Associate Professor, As. Prof. of Management Department, Cherkasy State Technological University, Cherkasy, Ukraine, e-mail:

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