The implementation of the LEADER approach in Slovak Republic, identification of problems and possible solutions

Petra Zaujecová, Pavol Schwarcz


The paper deals with the integrated development in rural areas realized by the LEADER approach. This approach is based on the territorial principle, where the significant role are playing local actors operating in the area, who through their actions influence it’s development. The LEADER approach is being implemented through the Axis 4 of the Rural Development Policy. The main objective of the paper is to evaluate the implementation of the LEADER approach in particular Local Action Groups in Slovakia, to identify problems with implementation and to suggest solutions for their elimination. In the paper we evaluate the internal operation of the Local Action Group – the balance of relations between members, defining areas of their mutual cooperation and participation rate in the calls from the perspective of managers of Local Action Groups as well as external relations – relations with Agricultural Paying Agency and ways of influencing the operation of Local Action Groups through legislation. We also focuses on personal views of managers on meeting the needs of the Local Action Group by the projects realized within the Axis 4 LEADER. We also pointed out problems connected with the direction of the Axis 4 in terms of the possibility of funds spending, we defined negative impacts of the legislation as well as particular activities of the Agricultural Paying Agency on Local Action Group‘s performance.

Integrated Rural Development, LEADER approach, Local Action Group, rural population

Ing. Petra Zaujecová, Department of European Policies, Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, e-mail:

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