The importance of festival tourism in the economic development of Hungary

Adrienn Nagy, Henrietta Nagy


Tourism has been a determining factor in the economic growth of Hungary recently and it will continue to have a significant role in the future development of the country. Although Hungary has great potentials in tourism sector, it is concentrated only on a few places of the country at present, especially in the capital, Budapest. While tourism has about 10% share in the national GDP production, most of it is generated in the capital. In addition, to the center of the country, there are only a few places that are really known by foreign tourists and thus are able to attract crowds. Such places are Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Europe; and the city of Debrecen, the second largest city in the country, with its surroundings and several thermal baths. The aim of our paper is to analyze the tendencies of Hungarian tourism, focusing on the festivals, and to follow the changes of the tourism strategies, as well as the direct and indirect effects of the development of the tourism industry on the economic growth of the country. In order to prepare our study, we have collected information on tourism from the Central Statistical Office, from the organizers of the different festivals throughout the country and from the National Tourism Office. Based on our research, we intend to draw consequences on the sector and define recommendations for further developments, because we believe that festivals can be the solution for the sustainable economic and social development of several rural areas, providing income for a huge part of population in the countryside.

tourism, youth, festivals, tourism development strategy

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